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Townhouse in Brooklyn, NY

In collaboration with Lyon Porter of Urban Cowboy Brooklyn Bed & Breakfast, this unique 2-unit building is composed of recycled materials, playful architectural elements and nature-inspired design details.



3,000 SF
Units: 2

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Space planning, schematic design, design development, interior design and construction observation



Inspired by the playfulness, simplicity and yet creativity of a treehouse, this project is the epitome of rustic luxury. With a common area that spans both floors, rotated windows and a feature bathroom with a clawfoot tub, every moment in the Treehouse is unique and indulgent. The architectural design is mirrored in the interior decoration with recurring use of the diamond shape - in the windows, wallpaper and tiles - as well as repeated straight lines in the banisters and beams.

This brings an element of whimsy, while being perfectly curated.
Pulling from a natural palette, the materials used in the space are primarily recycled or repurposed such as existing pipes, floors and wood. This is offset with contemporary tiles, wallpaper, and metals to unify the raw textures with a modern edge.



cooper .jpg


subway tile .jpg

Subway tile

recycled wood .jpg

Recycled wood


Black metal 

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


Throughout the space, the palette is limited to neutral shades, which places an emphasis on the textures and shapes of the materials themselves.

Recycled materials such as the floors, wood accents, reclaimed pipes that became feature elements, and scattered timeless antiques bring sustainability to the heart of this project. By creating something new out of something classic, the Treehouse is an experience of its own.


At SpearHead, our aspirational vision drives us forward while our enduring values keep us grounded. We hold sustainability, functionality, innovation and collaboration at the core of everything we do, and when they come to life through our work, we always know we have been a part of a very successful project.

The Treehouse allowed us to be extremely explorative in our creativity, experimental with our use of materials and collaborative with a highly talented team. The whimsy and playfulness that is seen in the use of wallpaper, window framing and decor was a part of not just the execution, but the entire design process. Through solid teamwork and acute application of our technical knowledge, we were able to use a lot of the existing materials in the space to create a cozy oasis in the heart of Williamsburg. In every moment, you truly feel like you are in a treehouse.


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