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Condimunium in Brooklyn, NY

A boutique, 8-unit building modernizing the classic townhouse into a statement design. Sophisticated application of traditional materials elevates the exterior, while continued use of select elements on the interior creates a sense of balance.



10,000 SF
Units: 8

Bushwick, Brooklyn


Space planning, schematic design, design development, interior design and construction observation



At the cusp of Brooklyn’s Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhoods, this building is surrounded by traditional townhouses and red brick. While conserving these elements that are natural to the area, the Stanhope project is elevated with a black brick facade and sleek, extruded windows. It creates a statement of modernity and everlasting strength, which is continued throughout the interior.

Common areas are spacious with concrete floors, light wood details and warm furnishings. Black brick gives the facade a modern edge, while the wood balconies soften the exterior. These colors continue to the interior, mirrored in the flooring and striking marble bathrooms.



black marble .jpg

Black marble

concrete .jpg


Black Brick.jpg

Black brick 



EDITED_added vanity handle_ REAR FACING

Every unit is bathed in bright, natural light, creating a sense of balance with the use of darker materials. The wood flooring, black built-in kitchens and monochrome bathrooms bring a crisp, modern edge to the interior.

Varied layouts consider for current living needs, with options for both a kitchen island and an L-shaped counter, and open areas for multifunctional use. Innovative application of the core materials in each area of the unit creates a holistic and transformative space throughout.


The neighborhoods of Brooklyn are diverse and nuanced; each one has its own unique character that we believe is important to preserve, while working to elevate the experience. Rather than creating a stark difference between the new and existing, our projects aim to work within the context of each area. In order to achieve this, we use a combination of traditional materials and modern, clean design. Often, we work within small lots to build renovated buildings - our modern version of the townhouse, a SpearHead signature.

As Stanhope is situated in Bushwick, it is surrounded by factories with industrial architecture and a typical wood framing that is signature to these types of townhouses and brownstones. We used these elements to create a boutique feeling, without losing the essence of the area. The interplay between the drama of the contrasting dark tones on the facade and the simplicity of the sustainable materials used in the lobby create a sense of newness, and nostalgia. The building is contemporary without being trend-driven, proving its potential for longevity and sustainability.


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