Condominium in Brooklyn, New York

The Luna building is one of our most unique projects - a statement 10-unit property that combines the grit of industrial materials with modern arches and recessed balconies. By working with soft shapes, distinct materials and spatial depth, we created a sense of movement that runs within and throughout the building.


10,000 SF

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn



Schematic design, design development, interior design, and construction observation


Inspired by the industrial elements of the neighborhood, we recreated the factory sentiment in a futuristic setting. The facade began as a simple square box which we extended into a double facade using brick and black stucco. This, combined with the cutout shapes exposing windows and bringing a soft natural light into the space works together to create a sense of movement. The entrance door is the only ninety-degree angle on the front facade, bringing a small quirk and hint of character to the building.

Once inside, you can see the subtle edges of the external facade through the windows. The entrance lobby brings in the playful shapes from the facade through wood panels and color blocked moments. The epoxy floor relates back to the industrial edge, while retaining the modern look.


Black metal

White stone

Grey stone



The interior architecture takes a cue from the modern industrial implications of the exterior, and continues the functional yet nuanced approach to spatial layout across the units. The kitchens are entirely integrated, and fit comfortably below the staircase to make best use of the space.

The penthouse has a spacious and luxurious layout. The bathrooms use limited materials to bring in a subtle modern edge, and each come with a custom stone sink. Large slabs of contrasting black and white marble give a sense of luxury to the master bathroom.


Luna Building takes a creative spin on the traditional 10-unit building. Connecting the past with the future, we modernized the exterior by dramatically reducing the hard edges and utilizing circular patterns throughout.

Bringing this contemporary design through to the interior, these classic curves and futuristic elements blend together to create a harmonious yet edgy addition to the neighborhood.


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