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Condimunium in Brooklyn, NY

A modern condo renovation in Bushwick, boasting a chic facade and unique interplay of materials. Using a monochrome color palette, this structure balances soft textures and strong lines, all the while paying homage to its surrounding neighborhood by keeping the main frame in line with the classic architecture in the area.



10,000 SF
Units: 8

Bushwick, Brooklyn


Schematic design, design development,
and construction observation



This building is a prominent addition to the neighborhood, bringing playfulness from the brick installation around the black metal windows on the facade, through to the terrazzo tiles used in the entrance. There is an elegance and yet subtlety running from the black-wrapped ground floor exterior to the glass balconies on every level.

While simplifying the application of commonly used materials in the neighborhood such as brick, every moment is enhanced and complemented by the use of modern details, creating a warm yet striking experience from the facade to the interiors.


Gray brick


Black steel

gray terrazzo .jpg

Gray terrazzo

black terrazzo.jpg

Black terrazzo

concrete .jpg




As an 8-unit condo using a subtle monochrome palette, this building exudes elegance and warmth. Continuity of materials and details throughout the building create a cohesive and thought-through experience for the consumer. Terrazzo is used in both the entrance, common areas and the bathrooms in varying hues, carrying with it a richness of texture and playfulness in patterns.

The duplex apartment in the center of the building has a large window across both floors, bringing in natural light and opening up the space. Every unit has large windows with clean frames that carry the modernity of the exterior to the interior. Built-in kitchens fitted with appliances and bathrooms with ample storage space make each unit perfect for city living.


The neighborhoods of Brooklyn are diverse and nuanced; each one has its own unique character that we believe is important to preserve, while working to elevate the experience. Rather than creating a stark difference between the new and existing, our projects aim to work within the context of each area. In order to achieve this, we use a combination of traditional materials and modern, clean design. Often, we work within small lots to build renovated buildings - our modern version of the townhouse, a SpearHead signature.

Matching the dramatic dark contrast from our Stanhope project, and the large, clean windows from our Madison project, the Goodwin building is yet another true SpearHead project. Working with the surrounding area, the delicate playfulness with an homage to classic architecture in this structure creates the perfect balance between new and old.


Project TB

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