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Private Residence in Pergamino, ARG

Currently under construction, this house is in the beautiful city of Pergamino, Argentina. Spanning two floors and 2,600 square feet, this compact yet dynamic property marries the interior with the exterior through open spaces and delicate details.



2,600 SF

Pergamino, Buenos Aires. Argentina



SPEARHEAD Architecture & Design + CUMPA Arquitectura

Architect of record: Maximiliano Giusti

Space planning, schematic design, design development, interior design and construction observation



As the lot itself is compact, the main intention of the architecture was to bring in expansiveness without broadening the built-up area. To do this, the premise of the building was to create openness on the inside, while retaining privacy by closing off the outside. Bold, monochromatic planes across the facade create lines that elongate the structure and section out the building. The entire home is centered on an internal patio, bringing green and warmth to the interior.

In order to maximise the experience, the dining area and adjacent open kitchen look out onto the rear patio with a barbecue area in true Argentinian style. The kitchen has large glass doors that open out onto the patio, creating an indoor/outdoor moment for the warm summer months. The importance of bringing nature in from the outdoors is essential to the structure from the layout through to the materials.

white revear.jpg

Acrylic coating

white carrara marble.jpg


white oak.jpg


concrete .jpg


Black Brick.jpg

Black brick

Photo Sep 27, 5 20 44 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 01, 11 11 17 AM.jpg


The living room overlooks both the patio and the backyard, bringing cross-ventilation and a sense of spaciousness. The built-in wood kitchen, with its waterfall marble island, follows the shape of the house nestling its architecture perfectly into the walls. Upstairs, there is an open library that brings a warmth to the home and leads into the master bedroom.

The two additional bedrooms share a jack & jill bathroom, and the master has an expansive en-suite. Two of the bedrooms, including the master, have terraces complete with modern railings giving both privacy and openness. The third bedroom faces the internal patio, continuing to bring elements of nature throughout the house.


Hailing from Argentina and finding her own signature style in New York, Agustina Cervera is the Founder and principal visionary for SpearHead. As she leads the team in establishing our own voice within the narrative of the city, we find ourselves evolving this story in other states, and even back to Agustina’s home country. Today, we are creating a new voice for modern architecture in Argentina, inspired by our international experience.

In this project we were able to explore our creativity, and apply our own adaptations of standard rules of architecture. The explorative element in our method allowed us to work within the contained limits of the lot, inverting the greenery to the center of the structure while maintaining privacy from the exterior. From every room of the house, you have a green view - bringing lightness into the seemingly sharp building. Our main achievement was to offer dynamic and bright living areas in a compact, clean design.


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