Private Residence in New York, New York

An elegant two-story and 4,000 sq. ft. new house. The exterior showcases a contemporary/classic style that preserves the essence of the neighborhood combined with modern elements, attaining an exclusive tripartite monochromatic design.



4,000 SF

New York, New York

Schematic design, design development, interior and exterior design, renderings and construction observation


Being aware of the new way of living in integrated spaces, both in city apartments and suburban big houses, the goal was to create an open dynamic layout. A contemporary kitchen, the heart of the house, articulates the common spaces in the social ground floor. Spaces are connected by a black and white design with highlights of marble, bringing a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Wood is also incorporated to generate a feeling of warmth. A double-height entrance attains amplitude and relation with the upper floor. The exterior becomes an extension of the interior in a concrete deck facing the backyard. The results are distinct dynamic scenes visually interconnected by compelling intimate throughlines.

Nero Marquina


White Statuario

Bardiglio Grey


This distinguished facade uses symmetry and centrality to promote hierarchy. The horizontal white limestone cladding plays with a central vertical black plane with an imposing 13 ft. door and window, aligned with the entrance stairs. Once inside, natural light pierces through the double-height windows of the space.

The open staircase harmonizes with the open layout, encouraging exploration and discovery of the connected spaces of the house. The generous scale of the bedrooms includes dormer windows and private bathrooms customly designed. 


Stone House mixes the grandeur of neoclassical architecture with the American gabled house and contemporary use of space — ultimately creating a stunningly unique design that seamlessly 

integrates diverse elements into a single unified vision. It confronts a vertical and horizontal tension in a fluid space as well as connects the interior with the exterior.


Project Orbit


Project Parterre