Condominium in Brooklyn, New York

Situated on the north end of Crown Heights, the neighborhood surrounding this property is known for its traditional characteristics. We took these elements, such as red brick, and merged them with simple details, like a modern corniche. With this hybrid approach, we created a boutique 8-unit building that comfortably sits within the context of the area, but brings a sense of newness.



8,000 SF

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY



Space planning, Schematic design, design development, interior design, and construction observation


With the objective of creating a contemporary look, the material selection was key to the impact. We used monochromatic finishes, tonal tiles and a sharp contrast of textured brick and black steel.

The two areas of the space mirror each other thematically, and compliment each other in materiality. To create dynamism throughout the interiors, common areas are complete with neutral, warm tones which reflect the traditional characteristics of the neighbourhood in a light environment.

Oak wood




Black metal


Creating our own version of the traditional townhouse, we used a combination of wood, red brick, black steel and black fixtures to retain rustic tones while amplifying bold contrasts. By extending the long window into an arch, we were able to bring a rounded, organic shape to soften the facade. Throughout the building, we focused on duality in not just the materials, but also in lighting.

The large windows bring in natural light to set off the contrast and textures, with every unit drenched in triple exposures. Finally, in order to tie the space together for modern living, we integrated the kitchen - fit with custom German cabinetry - with the living room to create a functional and efficient lifestyle. High ceilings, open layouts and expansive bedrooms give the property a truly loft-style experience.


Another signature SpearHead take on the traditional townhouse.  Working within a small lot to renovate a modern building, 1019 President Street subtly shifts the surrounding Crown Heights neighborhood from its cultural and structural roots into the present day. Flexible layouts accommodate changing needs by creating hybrid spaces for young professionals, and the balance of tradition and novel throughout the building places it perfectly today

Using the existing materials of the surrounding area, and bringing a modern edge to the traditional arched windows, we elevated this classic brick building to bridge the transition between the timelessness of the neighborhood and the modern mindset of the evolving community.


Project Eureka!


Project Clinton