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Private residence in Fisherton, ARG

When industrial meets modern: this innovative design uses natural sunlight to provide warmth while preserving an intimate level of privacy. Understated on the outside, captivating on the inside. This purposeful simple design embodies the natural landscape to create a sophisticated living experience that relies on natural materials, expressive layouts, and timeless views.



2,400 SF

Fisherton, Argentina


SPEARHEAD Architecture & Design + CUMPA Arquitectura

Schematic design, design development, interior design, construction documents and construction administration

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MSTC is located in a corner lot in the Argentine city of Rosario, in the neighborhood of Fisherton. The building deliberately recreates the fictitious boundaries of the lot raising up elegantly and boasting unobstructed views of the lovely back garden. From a geometric perspective, the house has been built along two perpendicular axes. This practical layout of the different rooms creates two main areas inside the house: one for resting that preserves privacy and intimacy and a spacious open area ideal for entertaining and enjoying time with others—the social area.

The driveway was carefully designed for vehicles to slow down as they approach the house. Thus, both owners and visitors get a chance to fully appreciate the façade, which comes into view gradually, creating a short pause for them to fully appreciate the building they are about to enter.


Corten steel


Corrugated panel



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One of our main principles is not to respond diligently and blindly to every client demand; rather we believe our work should reflect a careful analysis of each client’s needs. In the social area of the house, the roof raises up facing West and receiving a high exposure to afternoon sunlight. When reflected by the white ceiling, however, this bright light bathes the entire area with the pleasant warmth of natural light.

A North-facing gallery marks the transition between the two main functional areas. In this gallery both areas converge and boundaries dissolve in the faint reflections created by the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The use of corrugated roof sheets with a gently slope is a metaphor for the flat landscape of Argentina’s Pampa region, a region inhabited by rational and practical people but filled with poetry and vastness.


Today, we are creating a new voice for modern architecture in Argentina, inspired by our international experience. In this project we were able to explore our creativity, and apply our own adaptations of standard rules of architecture.

The explorative element in our method allowed us to work within the contained limits of the lot, inverting the greenery to the center of the structure while maintaining privacy from the exterior. MSTC House allowed us to be extremely explorative in our creativity, experimental with our use of materials and collaborative with a highly talented team.


Project Black Orchid


Project Luna

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