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Hotel in Brooklyn, New York

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Hotel is Spearhead's most multi-programmatic project. Located on Ryerson Street, the program covers 50,000 square feet and 360 feet in length. Beyond its specific use, the project prioritizes the Navy Yard experience, combining diverse historic architectural typologies in a single space, able to satisfy various needs day and night. It must be flexible to accommodate hotels, lounges, spas, bars, multi-purpose rooms, weddings, nightclubs, parties, art studios, exhibits, interactive installations, and more.



33600 SF

Brooklyn, New York

Schematic design, design development, interior design, 3d renderings, furniture and decor phase and construction administration



The studio's biggest challenge lies in combining all of this programmatic demand while allowing it to articulate and separate based on day and night use, while maintaining a strong sense of personality and timeless design. In a global context of standardized design that the market defines as trendy, the studio takes a critical stance and dares to explore new experiences that connect us to the most essential and primitive aspects of our being.

For this task, we have chosen the evolutionary process of the soul, or as we like to call it, the reborn: the body is the spearhead of the design, which faces, on a longitudinal procession axis, a series of transitions through different spaces that lead to experiencing phases of human evolution with their representative architectures.
We also introduce a series of design operations based on the subjective experiences that music, such as jazz, indie pop, and electronic, provided us as design tools.

Collage Navy FINAL.png




The main entrance, beginning from the underground level, submerges the user under a semi-covered space that is a jungle in the midst of the city, creating an atmosphere of mystery and timeless design. This first interior space, "The Club House", harks back to man's contaminating beginnings with concrete, noise, rusticity, and Steampunk-inspired Gothic aesthetics.
Continuing the procession, there is a lounge with a mezzanine that represents a transition to a more surreal world of the late 19th century, with theatrical forms, drama, desire, and an atmosphere of seduction and elegance similar to the Belle Époque.
Once this "test" is overcome, one arrives at the central nave of the Navy Yard, "The Spa", where people shed material illusion and unite in a synergy. Here we find reinforced concrete columns clad with a translucent flower-shaped fabric that can change color, creating flexible festive, calm, or dim atmospheres. 

The raw, bronze and gold colors play with the shapes and hanging vegetation to generate a vernacular cave-like atmosphere, leading to the rebirth of the essential.
Climbing to street level, we find "The Lounge", a meta-humanist space of a utopian future, finding its character in the Indochina style. These starting points are reinforced with Artificial Intelligence tools, attempting to return to the beginning, stripping away material and temporal trends, immersing in a holistic eclecticism of Eastern cultures.
The hotel lobby is a somewhat more sober continuation of the lounge, with colors and shapes as the protagonists, and textures, patterns, and furnishings reduced to a minimum.



The Brooklyn Navy Yard Hotel is a space conceived by and for artists, for users seeking new experiences and sensations, for those seeking to connect. In all the designed sectors, art studios and their exhibits will be found throughout, as will the subjective experiences of the users who pass through them, and the program will mutate according to their demands.

The atmospheres take over the spaces, and the people take over the atmospheres that the building provides. Navy Yard responds to holistic, social, natural and artistic utopias, to the communion of cultures and styles, which the market often standardizes.


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