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Condimunium in Brooklyn, NY

622 Madison is a unique 4-unit condo development sitting in Stuyvesant Heights, a stunning Brooklyn brownstone neighborhood. The property is a welcome addition to the area, bringing with it a crisp and beautiful exterior. The composition of the building captures the warmth and character inherent in the neighborhood.



5,100 SF
Units: 4

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn


Space planning, schematic design, design development, interior design and construction observation



As Madison is surrounded by traditional townhouses, our objective was to work cohesively with the essence of the architecture in the area.⁣ A timeless mixture of wood, stone and brick creates warm and inviting spaces to be lived in. You are greeted by a light-filled room upon entering the expansive open kitchen and living/dining area, which is perfect for entertaining.

Large windows with warm wood frames create the sense of an inside/outside living experience, retaining an openness throughout the units. The kitchen is uniquely designed with the conscious consumer in mind; modern and chic beyond compare. Complimenting the apartments are the common areas - open spaces and functional rooms for yoga and more - that build community within the building.

beige brick .jpg


beige concrete .jpg

Beige concrete 

concrete .jpg



Black metal 





Where Madison stands today, there was once just an empty lot and immense potential. The building plays off the surrounding area, while bringing with it clean details and transformative concepts of modern living environments. Every unit is complete with the functionality of today’s consumer in mind. The kitchens have been masterly crafted, showcasing an alpine mist quartz backsplash and countertops that are cradled within the warmth of the cabinetry.

The cabinetry design elements include open shelving and under cabinet lighting adding to the overall aesthetic, rounded out by a stainless steel appliance package. The bathrooms were designed with a clean and subtle color pallet of porcelain tiles, finished with matte black fixtures and Brazilian-style rain shower heads.


The neighborhoods of Brooklyn are diverse and nuanced; each one has its own unique character that we believe is important to preserve, while working to elevate the experience. Rather than creating a stark difference between the new and existing, our projects aim to work within the context of each area. In order to achieve this, we use a combination of traditional materials and modern, clean design. Often, we work within small lots to build renovated buildings - our modern version of the townhouse, a SpearHead signature.

Madison is located on a block that is primarily comprised of townhouses. That allowed for us to truly bring something unique to the area, while also showing how we can blend into the existing circumstances. The warmth of the materials bring a welcomed lightness to the entire neighborhood.


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