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Artist Work & Live Space in Detroit, MI

Working with the inspired, avant-garde Prince Concepts, this transformational space is a pipeline project for the renowned development team. SpearHead collaborated with them to realize an affordable design project offering community living for artists in the heart of Core City, Detroit.



2,300 SF
Units: 1 Gallery & 4 Bedrooms

Detroit, Michigan 


Space planning, schematic design and design development



Encouraging collaboration across perspectives, experiences and spaces, the Eureka! project was designed with co-creation in mind for a transformative future. Bringing artists together through modular private dormitories that open out onto functional public areas, the intention and function is intrinsic to the layout.

This structure is primarily made from polycarbonate, absorbing natural light during the day and projecting light outwards at night; it shines a beacon for the creativity and life nestled within its walls. Sunlight is filtered in from the sunroof, illuminating the interior spaces and creating the perfect environment for ingenuity. Eureka! is home to four artist residences, encouraging them to live, work, play and grow together as a community.

white brick.jpg

White brick

white metal mesh.jpg

Metal mesh

white oak.jpg



white tiles.jpg

White tiles

Art space3.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 3.54.08 PM.png


Each of the four modular rooms functions as both a bedroom and private studio space, with a single individual closet and bathroom. Divided by a sliding door, streamlining the use of large planes of material within the room, the resident can choose to expose either one of the sides. This ensures a sense of minimalism and tranquility throughout the space

The entire structure is centered around the art hub, with gallery halls flanking both sides of the common area. Privacy screens area available for use, and the entire space facilitates both cross-ventilation and connection to the outdoors.


At SpearHead, our aspirational vision drives us forward while our enduring values keep us grounded. We hold sustainability, functionality, innovation and collaboration at the core of everything we do, and when they come to life through our work, we always know we have been a part of a very successful project. Beyond architecture, Eureka! was about bringing people together - in a city like Detroit, with ample space, cohabitation in the sense that we proposed is not very common. Despite this challenge, the strength of the concept and functionality of the space provides a new solution for artists and the arts community that will play an important role in the future of their ecosystem.

By inherently incorporating values of collaboration and sharing into the design of the structure, the incubator and gallery space will ensure flexibility of thought and strong community building. The space can be transformed to the inhabitants’ needs, and the materials used in the structure are minimal in order to make it as adaptable as possible. This project is about endless possibilities and perpetual growth, reflected in its structure as well as its future occupants.


Project Evergreen


Project President

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