Who are we?

SPEARHEAD is an Architecture and Design company founded by Agustina Cervera in Brooklyn, New York, with more than 10+ years experience. We are a team of dedicated creatives from all over the world. We aspire to create at the intersection of extraordinary design, sound architecture and beautiful materials. Informed by our international background, we are always working towards new and innovative solutions that will contribute to, develop and sustain the communities we are involved in. 

By partnering with developers to create meaningful projects, we’ve made inroads in up-and-coming urban areas such as BedStuy, Bushwick, Crown Heights, the city of Detroit, Buenos Aires-Argentina among others. We have completed projects all over the city, but it is in Brooklyn where we have made our mark. From organic aesthetic, we aim to work cohesively with the essence of the area and enhance its richness, not replace it.

What do we do?

With a focus on sustainability, we don’t just design for today, we consider what spaces will look like tomorrow. SPEARHEAD is experienced in interior and exterior design for architecture, space planning, building renovations, interior elements and much more. Clean lines, open spaces and a modern edge set our projects apart.

Why SpearHead?

We believe by fostering meaningful collaboration between a diverse group of talented individuals, magic happens. Projects that deliver on the clients vision, as well as capturing the spirit of the community is the ultimate outcome we strive for everyday.